Microblading Certification

MUA/COS. Tech Mrs. Maegan Gonzales-Brown will be sharing her expertise & insight in the Cosmetology business and commercialization of Eyelash Extension and its impact in the Beauty Industry both Internationally and in Trinidad & Tobago.


Microblading is fairly new to Trinidad & Tobago and is now gaining ground to becoming a popular trend for most customers (high demand=high turnover). This Course is guaranteed to take your business and skill to the next level and will increase your income potential for the next decade.

You will acquire the skills & knowledge that will be required for you to obtain certification  and confidence to start earning.


Post-training support & guidance is provided!

Microblading Course is $6000TTD
Microblading Course Outline:
- Training kit
- Hands-on training with personal training on a model (3 Day Advanced)
- Hygiene Standards. Pre/After Care
- Procedure - Medical Aspects, Skin structure, Contraindications
- Eyebrows Shaping, different shapes and faces
- Choosing the Right Color
- Client Consultation
- Blood-borne Pathogens/Sanitation
- The appropriate depth and pressure intensity
- How to keep the hair strokes crisp
- Skin conditions
- Possible reactions allergies, medications
- Symmetry measurement using tools
- Different types of numbing anesthetics
- Problems that may occur during the procedure and healing process
- Different types of microblading needles
- Color Theory and Fitzpatrick skin type
- Shape and color correction
- Questions and answers
- Business & Marketing information
- Receive Microblading Certification
- Tips on where to buy Microblading Supplies and how to save money on vendor costs, nb. Not all Microblading product vendors are the same.

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